Understanding Computer Risk, Hackers, And Cyber Terrorism

by / Sunday, 06 July 2014 / Published in Tech

Cyber terrorism

The United States in 2002 encountered cyber terrorism, John Ashcroft would violate the rights of citizens in the United States. With the passing of the USA Patriot Act in order to counter cyber terrorism, the federal government gained the power to record all electronic devices. In other words, installation of devices would be able to record all routing, addressing, signaling information with the appropriate court supervision. This act was put into law to protect the United States from cyber terrorism.

India’s The Information Technology Act 2000 has tried to assimilate legal principles available in several such laws (relating to information technology) enacted earlier in several other countries, as also various guidelines pertaining to information technology law. The Act gives legal validity to electronic contracts, recognition of electronic signatures. This is a modern legislation which makes acts like hacking,data theft, spreading of virus, identity theft, defamation (sending offensive messages) pornography, child pornography, cyber terrorism, a criminal offence. The Act is supplemented by a number of rules which includes rules for, cyber cafes, electronic service delivery, data security, blocking of websites. It also has rules for observance of due diligence by internet intermediaries (ISP’s, network service providers,cyber cafes, etc). Any person affected by data theft, hacking, spreading of viruses can apply for compensation from Adjudicator appointed under Section 46 as well as file a criminal complaint. Appeal from adjudicator lies to Cyber Appellate Tribunal.


Cyber terrorism

As shown above, there are multiple definitions of cyber terrorism and most are overly broad. There is controversy concerning overuse of the term and hyperbole in the media and by security vendors trying to sell “solutions”.

The mainstream media has been asking the question, is the US ready for a cyber war? Obama has emphasized the importance of being prepared for the new WMD’s, …